SV-IT offers to every groups of the Faculty the possibility to install a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) combined with an ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook).

The system proposed is named SLIMS (Simple LIMS) and is developed by Genohm SA.

SLIMS offers the following features :

  • Organization of data file by projects, experiments, notes or samples
  • Advanced search and tags capabilities
  • Management of samples or other content with barcodes
  • Databases management (plasmids, antibodies, etc …) as well as product inventory,
  • Research lab protocols with versioning
  • Data sharing features
  • Management of access rights and user permissions (included with non-EPFL partners) for collaboration
  • QA / QC processes
  • Traceability of information
  • Creation of PDF lab notebook
  • Export research project to ZIP
  • Excel data import/export
  • PyRAT integration
  • Customizable functions with API (Java coding)
  • Usage through a web browser and cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS)
  • Data centralized on a common and secure storage system,

Interested laboratories have the possibility to test the system during a trial period. As this, they could then choose to proceed with its full implementation in the laboratory according to their specific needs.

The annual flat fee charged to a single laboratory for a full software usage, training and support are (CHF) :

Full Professor Associate Professor Tenure Track Assistant Professor
or Core Facility
3’000.– 2’000.- 1’000.-

Data storage capacity (per TB per year)
These costs include all expenses associated for operating the software (infrastructure, server, licenses, updates, training and support) 
and allow an unlimited number of users per laboratory.

The system is installed on secure servers at the EPFL. Data are stored on the professional SV-IT infrastructure, on which many laboratories have are already allocated storage space.

This service is jointly funded by the VPSI and SV Faculty.

Please contact us for more information.

Slims tutorial

Tutorial Name Audiance Subject of the tutorial (functions)
ELN Simplified Protocol Researcher Experiment registration example with a cloning experiment.

  • Experiment creation
  • Block creation/definition
  • Sample link to experiment
  • Experiment attachment creation with local/server file
  • Protocol link to experiment and modification
ELN Default Protocol Researcher Experiment registration example with a cloning experiment
Inventory Item Creation Researcher Creation of a content in the inventory with a plasmid sample example
Locations Researcher, Super User, Administrator Tutorial to explain the creation and usage of Locations
Protocols Researcher, Super User, Administrator Turorial to show protocol creation, modification and versioning
Export Researcher, Super User, Administrator  Tutorial to explain how to export selected properties of items such as samples in a specific format
Simplified Protocol Researcher, Super User, Administrator Tutorial to show default simplified protocol functions
Fields Configuration Super User, Administrator Tutorial to show fields configuration
Printer Configuration Super User, Administrator Tutorial to explain printers and printer label configuration for the inventory items
Layouts Super User, Administrator Tutorial to explain the concept of personal and master layout